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No name in the Photos and no Frame around the photos
The contest runs till 28-02-2017 – 20.00 – 8 P.M.
Cost for subscription/Entry fee in euro.
10 photos for 13,00 – 20 photos for 25,00 – 30 photos voor 36,00 – 40 photos for 46,00 – 50 photos for 55,00
No refund. Maximum 50 photos per category.
Participation in all 8 categories is allowed.
The categories:
1. Wildlife (No Pets)
2. Birds
3. Macro & Close up
4. Pets and Zoo
5. Travel
6. Landscape & Architecture
7. Clothing, Fashion & accessories, Portrait, Wedding
8. Diversity
(photo above the page: Jean Pierre Van Collie)
See below for a description of each category
No correspondence will be entered into with regard to the jury’s decision
All prizes are Nett of Dutch Gambling Tax
What is nature: Nature reserve ‘ de Hoge Veluwe ‘(wild park) is a closed environment, but you can walk through,  there is nature. 
Nature should not be disturbed to take the picture
No name in the Photos and no Frame around the photos
What is a Zoo: 
Example in “Blijdorp”(zoo in Rotterdam) the animals are behind a fence or in an enclosure which the public may not enter. 
Copyright: The photographer grants fotowedstrijd.eu permission to use any submitted picture for the purposes of website(www.fotowedstrijd.eu www.photocontest.nl) 
use, to advertise the competition fotowedstrijd2015/16 and to be published in the fotowedstrijd2015/photocontest2015 photo book.(maximum 2 years from entry)
The minimum and maximum size for the photos to upload is 500 KB 1500pix to 5 MB. max 5000pix.
You can submit in multiple categories, but the same picture may not appear in multiple categories.
Editing of photos like cropping, sharpening, colour, contrast and white balance are allowed.
This is a digital photography competition, all images must be submitted in jepg format.
If your picture is selected for the book we will require you to supply a high res version of the image.
The competition is open to anyone worldwide with the exception of the jury, 
their family members and those involved in the organisation of the competition.
The photographer is responsible for ensuring that a model release is available for any image involving another person.
Parental consent is required for any entrant under the age of 18 years.
No nude in all category.
The competition will be judged by the 10 professional judges featured on the appropriate page of the website. 
They will decide the winners in each category.
By submitting an image you automatically agree to the rules of the competition
The photo book with hard cover, size 30 x 30 cm will appear 3 months after the prize-giving ceremony of the contest. 
The book in will feature the finalists and winners as chosen by the judges. One time print of the book no reprints.
All entrants will be notified whether they come in the book and get a finalist certificate when the order the book. The finalists are those, who are selected by the judges
Registration photo contest  The categories:
1. Wildlife.
All animals in nature, not in a zoo. but no pets (category 4)
What is nature:
Any area that may be accessed by the public without fences or enclosures, this may include private nature reserves.
What is a Zoo: 
An area where the animals are behind barriers and the public cannot access the terrain. 
2. Birds.
All birds in nature that fly around freely outside or sitting, not in a Zoo (then it falls under Zoo).
Birds being flown at shows fall into the zoo category. 
Pictures taken from a hide in a natural area are eligible
3. Macro & Close Up
Photographed inside or outside. 
4. Pets, Underwater and amphibians/reptiles. and Zoo
Photos taken under water or above water when the animal is clearly visible. 
(for example, a whale or seal or a flying fish)
Both animals, fish, amphibians, coral, plants, and amphibians/reptiles.
Photography behind glass or in an aquarium falls under the ‘Zoo’ category
All pets at home or arround home/farm
An area where the animals are behind barriers and the public cannot access the terrain.
Zoo animals, bird shows, and aquariums fall under the Zoo category.
A butterfly garden where you can enter the garden does not count as a zoo.
If the image contains a recognisable person the responsibility of a model release rests with the photographer.
5. Traveling – Urban – Urbex
Photos taken all over the world.
If the image contains a recognisable person the responsibility of a model release rests with the photographer.
Everything that has to do with travel and holidays also from vehicles such as; trains, boats, planes etc. 
6. Landscape & Architecture.
Photos taken all over the world made of landscapes, gardens, revealing works of art and buildings. 
For example, no recognizable people have shadows.
7. Clothing, Fashion & accessories, Portrait, Wedding.
What is fashion:
Photos of models with clothes, with accessories (bags, watches, jewellery, etc.)
Photos of clothing or fashion accessories, on the catwalk, fashion shows, loose items.
Swimwear and lingerie authorised provided the models are at least 18 years of age. 
And Portraits – No nude or topless.
Wedding all sort of Weddings.
Copies of Model releases will be required on request. 
8. diversity all photos 
Everything is allowed Photoshop, Lightroom all computer programs to alter the photos.
Also on your camera like double exposers.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
No tracking Cookies on this website. 
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